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Contract & Claims Management


Company results are based on project results. The substantial success criteria are quality, costs and time. The fulfilment of these criteria is affected considerably by the design and implementation of contracts. Only those who perform a pro-active Contract Management, and keep contractual changes under control, have a realistic chance of obtaining the desired results.


PROMAX, with its profound technical-commercial-contractual competence, offers Contract & Claims management as an integrated component of up-to-date project execution - in different industries - in national and international projects.


Consequently Contract & Claims management should extend to all of the project phases: from sales phase, planning, procurement, manufacturing, civil works, erection & installation, commissioning, tests and acceptance until the end of the period of guarantee. Depending upon the project status and customer requirements, we can provide our services related to phases or otherwise selective.




·      Analysis of tender documents 

·      Consolidated information for discipline engineers

·      Tender proposal management

·      Elaboration of quotations

·      Completion of the contract documents including contract appendices

·      Extraction of contractual requirements from the main contract for implementation into subcontracts

·      Preparation of inquiry specifications

·      Tender evaluation

·      Negotiation of key subcontracts, e.g. civil, erection & installation




·      Setting up the project organisational operational structure.

·      Installation of appropriate engineering coordination

·      Clarification and notification of the contractual formal requirements concerning documentations, tests, certificates, and authority stipulations

·      Monitoring of milestones and their on-time fulfilment

·      Accurate, contractually relevant correspondence

·      Analysis of deviations and draft of corrective measures

·      Development of and training on the Claim Management System

·      Preparation and negotiation of contract amendments

·      Documentation of change management

·      Accurate, claim relevant correspondence

·      Negotiation of claims

·      Securing of appropriate documentation of certificates




·      Ensure fulfilment of contractual obligations during the period of warranty

·      Management of remedy of defects

·      Ensure timely executed of tests

·      Ensure the obtaining of contract-relevant certificates

·      Formally correct completion of the project


Your benefits:


·      Timely adjustment of the project organization according to the special requirements of the contract

·      On time guidelines for the fulfilment of a contract in your own organization

·      Timely recognition of substantial potential claims

·      Prevention of “unjustified” counter claims

·      Timely consideration of contract-specific requirements concerning tests, certifications and of requirements from authority stipulations

·      Less deviations from contractually stipulated standards, quality, schedules and documentation

·      Reduction of additional expenditure, reworking, accelerating actions and reducing schedule delays

·      Avoidance of penalties

·      Manufacture of appropriate quality

·      Increase of reputation