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Further industries


Apart from the previously specified main industries we offer our services for plant constructors and system operators of other sectors as well.



Project examples:



Installation types and -areas


Food and nutrition industry

Production plants for mustard, vinegar production, production plants for confectioneries, plants for the processing of raw vegetable materials

Creation of piping classes

Piping engineering

●Pipe stress analysis

Project planning of plant extension; layout concept and costs

Leather industry

Raw material preparation, auxiliary facilities, ink kitchen, drying process, stamping, etc.

Verification of the actual status

Layout and pipe routing concept plant extensions

Plant documentation

Automobile - research and vendors  



Test bench

Cable manufacturing

Boiler house (redevelopment)

Piping engineering

Cooling water supply

Contract consulting (gas and electricity)

Project planning, tender management and       evaluation of quotations

Preparation of documents for UMS audits

Mechanical engineering recycling steel structure manufacturing and assembly

production plants for cranes, plastics industries

Claim management

Plant layout engineering


Piping engineering